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Warming spoilers ahead…

By the time I donned my Harry Palmer glasses and settled down to watch Avatar, I was anticipating spending the movie joining up all the scenes that I already viewed online.  Luckily I had only seen 20 of the 162 minutes so there was still plenty left to watch. The only drawback was that there were no surprises because all the pre-release coverage had given away the entire plot line by line.

While we may mourn the passing of the classic movie trailer which only hinted at the storyline while the montage of shots plus voiceover gave you an insight into the characters and the kind of movie you could expect to see, movie studios haven’t missed the fact that movie trailers are the third most watched form of video online after news and user-generated clips in the 10+ billion videos watched annually.

That some entire movies seem to be shown, in little chunks, before they come out seems like bad business.  (My enjoyment of The Hangover was certainly diminished as I’d seen most of the funny bits before it arrived off my Lovefilm rental list lottery.)  But this content is the “grit” that warms consumers up, drives the blogosphere and ensures viewers becoming fans before the films hit the screen.  These fans get to know the characters, write trailer reviews, hypothesise about the plot and discuss all kinds of trivia, then crucially buy the ticket, the DVD, the t-shirt, the model…

Juding by the shear number and kind of comments, I’m willing to bet the various trailers (teasers, domestic, international, theatrical, red-band, etc.), clips and featurettes hosted on countless sites have generated way more interest and engagement than the official Kick Ass website with its games, contests and news.  I’d already organised the babysitter for April 16th before I visited the official website.

“That’s right we’re super heroes, love us.”

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  1. boingster
    March 29, 2010 at 1:31 am

    BTW – it did kick arse. Very funny and a little violent… plus an 11 year old girl calls a room full of villians the C word before she hacks them to pieces – my kinda film.

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