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Online videos are taking over

Look closely at this video on Vimeo.com, the video hosting site for creative types.  If you concentrate you might spot something beginning to happen about 8 seconds in.

The consensus from the hundreds of comments is that this is great and I agree that (spoiler alert…) online videos evolving into page take-overs provides an added dimension for marketing messages that we’ll surely see put to good use in the future.  One thing is bugging me about this spot though – was the TV spot created first and the takeover created afterwards or were the two created together?  The saucy flamenco dancer disappears from screen, almost as if the creators knew she was going to be charging off chopping tomatoes.  This also shows how video hosting sites can perceivably attract visitors to their sites through sponsor content alone.

Vimeo.com prides itself on “providing the best tools and highest quality video in the universe” – no small claim – even if they did go 1080p after YouTube and only for subscribers willing to hand over $60 a year.  In contrast to YouTube’s ad invasion, Vimeo have sponsors like Tostitos in addition to the subscription revenue.  So I guess time will tell if this business model works – it took YouTube long enough to start making money.  In the meantime the rest of the online marketing community will look forward to the day when the standard banner is more than 30k.

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