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Breaking glass spot today

So the first of two new Autoglass TV spots we wrote and directed airs today.  I didn’t see it this morning, but to catch anything in two minutes of channel hopping before I left for work was expecting a bit much, even for Autoglass as the UK’s largest TV advertiser after the COI.

As Neil mentioned in an earlier post, Gavin has now been retired after two years of omnipresence.  Steve is the hero for the “repair” spots and I have to say you can’t meet a nicer guy.  When I first met him at the casting session he thought I was there to cast as the customer and was discussing how difficult the whole acting lark is.  His concern wasn’t about how he’d look, but to avoid letting anyone down.  Hopefully his genuineness and friendly nature come across in the spots.

Autoglass’ commitment to using their actual technicians in spots has actually reaped rewards and the TV continues to demonstrate very positive ROIs.  I’m sure it surprises the odd customer when someone they’ve seen regularly on telly arrives to replace their windscreen.  Unlike the irritating Howard from Halifax, I’m sure his spell of fame won’t go to Steve’s head.

Credit must go to Neil for conceiving and directing the spots… watch this space for the “replacement” spots featuring another Autoglass technician.

So here is the spot…

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