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iPad future not sunny

While Charlie Brooker has said everything there is to say about the iPad, as I sat next to somebody with one on the train the other day, one thing cheerful Charlie didn’t cover became clear – iPads are no good in the sun.

This Apple addict (as he must be to have one in the UK already) was struggling to type and read at the same time… Every time he wanted to read he had to tilt the screen towards himself and away from the sun, and every time he wanted to type he had to lay it flat.  And now I read that the iPad only has an operating temperature of 0C to 35C, meaning you’d better not take it outside on a warm summer day or you’ll suffer the iPad equivalent of the blue screen of death (see right).  Of course we in the UK shouldn’t really worry as this won’t affect us more than a couple of times a year.

In this industry, even as someone who owns both PC and Mac, it’s hard to say anything bad about Apple without being shouted down by Mac moaners, but I have to call Jobbo on his claim the iPad delivers “the best browsing experience you have ever had”.  How a small-screen, non-flash, non-multitasking, keyboard-less, non-widescreen, browsing experience can be called the “best” would surely have alerted the obscurantists at Clearcast had the offending keynote speech been a TV ad.

Still all is not lost.  I’ve invented a meticulously designed and over-priced stand which attaches to the iPad thus keeping the screen out of the sun’s glare, which also doubles as a device onto which you can type.  I’m thinking of applying for a patent, I just need a name.  How about nettop or lapbook… oh.

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