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Nick Clegg has it. David Cameron had it but lost it. Gordon Brown wants it but may never get it. Funny business politics. A little bit like football. Chelsea had it , lost it , got it back and then almost lost it again. Manchester United seem to have it stitched into their core, so that even though you may think they have lost it it really is still there. Deep down.
Sky are a bit like Manchester United. They have been winning so long that they must be due to go off the boil sometime soon. The problem for everyone else is that even a modest return to form like ITV (think Newcastle United or Freeview (think Tottenham) they just go out and develop a new level of customer experience such as Sky +. Or Sky HD. Or Sky 3D. Or Sky Player and so on.
This must come as a major disappointment to Virgin Media who perhaps thought that they were Chelsea. Only to discover that they were Arsenal in disguise. Shame.

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