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3D Awesomeness – truly viral

Samsung are one of the most prolific producers of viral ads, although that’s not to say that all of these ads actually end up going viral.  This is because Samsung still tends to produce ads that they hope people will forward, rather than ones that have true viral appeal.

We had the… the mobile “baby animals” and “optical illusions”… the HD camera “camera trick”… the LED TV “sheep” to name a few.

While these were cool, cute or just very well produced, they didn’t really ignite people’s imagination and interest, so didn’t go truly viral.  Although the LED sheep video tops the bill with 11 million views this was only thanks to heavy exposure via an article on the BBC’s website.

My take on viral marketing content theory is that the content primarily needs to be emotive, with original and unexpected coming in second and third.  What this means in practical terms is that a good dollop of sauciness (but not NSFW enough to justify instant dismissal) or something that really is LOL (let’s be honest, what did you see lately which literally made you laugh out loud) take you a long way.  Having viewers  wonder if camera trickery is involved or if something is for real can also spark debate (after “first”, “fake” has to be the most popular one word comment) and in turn spawn interest.

That’s why this new Samsung spot for 3D LED TV is awesome and viral – funny, rude and impressively done all rolled into one… plus for the uber-geeks they reference the shark attacking helicopter from 2001.

UPDATE: yes it’s been pulled from everywhere, so here’s another link.

The trouble is that Samsung have not obeyed the rules of viral marketing distribution theory and made it easy to find and share.  Trying to find it online is rather tricky and they keep pulling it from YouTube – so apologies if this vid goes down.  It’s only two weeks old so let’s see how it does.

Hopefully Autoglass allow the viral we’re working to tick the funny and rude boxes… watch this space.

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