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Putting down time to good use

I saw this great spec ad the other day.  It was produced by John Nolan Films as a showcase of their writing, filming and animatronics skills.  Hardly necessary when JN worked on Spike Jones’ Where The Wild Things Are movie – I guess they had some “down time”.

Down time is an unusual occurrence in our world, certainly down time that can put to any constructive use (other than blogging?!). Down time should probably be a rarity in any efficiently run company, but we had an interesting debate the other day about whether when we’re you’re not busy whether it is better to invest in projects/clients that barely break-even and wouldn’t make the creds or work that might spawn something with new or existing clients.

I’ve always been embarrassed by agencies which show work that was never bought (as delivering against a brief is as important as doing great work), but I think the question was answered the other day when a client bought an online marketing application that we had brought to life on spec.  (More to follow on that later…)

So to finish, here is a selection of other spec ads that stuck in my mind over the last couple of years for their humour, style, production values, innovative approach or the fact they didn’t go for the gross-out factor like some other spec ads… the Zune “Ass Painting” spot to name one (I’m not linking that one).

JCPenny – “Speed Dressing”

Nike – “Even If You Suck”

PSP – “Go Play Outside”

NutriGrain – “I feel great”

Hopefully these spawned work for the respective companies…

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