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Standing out from the crowd

How do you turn a sell out at Twickenham into a marketing opportunity?  That was the challenge we faced with Premier Rugby as we looked forward to a third successive year of achieving a capacity crowd at the Guinness Premiership Final.

One of the focuses of the social media strategy we developed for PRL earlier this year was the provision of “grit”, i.e. social media content to spark interaction and conversation.  Premier Rugby has no shortage of certain content such as results, news, stats and footage, but we wanted to generate compelling content that would function as a social media and data capture tool.  Paul our Geek Digital Director saw the potential for using a gigapixel image.

Millions of people’s first exposure to this technology was the picture from President Obama’s inauguration, where hundreds of digital photos are electronically stitched together to create a huge panoramic shot.  We took things a step further turning the gigapixel phenomenon into an application in itself.

As well as being the first time a gigapixel image has been taken at a sporting event in the UK, the application we built allowed fans to spot themselves, their friends and anything funny, but also to tag what they’ve spotted and share the images on Facebook.  We then created a competition to win a hospitality box at next year’s final if they could spot ex-England captain Martin Corry in the crowd, thus turning it into a data collection opportunity.

So smile for the camera on 4th September as we’ll be doing it all again at Twickenham’s London Double Header when the 2010/11 season kicks off.

Take a look at www.fanspotter.com.

  1. boingster
    July 23, 2010 at 9:32 am

    Getting coverage on the Tigers’ forum…

    and even the Saints’ forum and they weren’t even in the final!

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