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Coalition government in benefits u-turn

After watching England’s abject display against Germany in the company of Angela Merkel, Prime Minister David Cameron anounced a surprise u-turn in the government’s decision to clamp down on incapacity benefit fraud.

“Until the Germany match I had assumed that thousands of Britons were fraudulently claiming incapacity benefit and that there were potentially millions of pounds worth of savings that could be made. However, after seeing Gareth Barry, John Terry and the boys on the pitch, I realised that in fact many of our workers are bravely continuing to work despite their physical limitations, and that if anything, many more people require this safety net than I had previously thought.”

Ms Merkel generously offered Germany’s help with the subsidised provision of crutches, artificial hips and knees and zimmer frames for England’s courageous labourers, and has even offered to lend John Terry Thomas Muller’s legs for the 2010/11 Premier League campaign.

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  1. boingster
    June 29, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    A chap walks into a brothel dungeon and says to the mistress “I’m really kinky, I want total humiliation, how much will it cost?”
    The mistress looks at him and says “£40”
    “Wow”, says the guy, “That’s a great price, what do I get for that?”
    She looks at him and says “An England shirt”

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