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Ha-ha! Just kidding. But not really.

(contains swearing)

The phrase “iPhone 4 – This changes everything. Again.” reminds me of Sarah Palin’s speech.  When Tina Fey ripped it off she got lots of laughs and then even more when people realised she was actually reading it word-for-word – you just couldn’t believe it was real.  Seeing Apple’s new iPhone strapline away from their hysterical advertising I can’t help thinking that it’s some sort of piss-take.

It doesn’t change anything it just slightly improves it… otherwise, let’s face it, Apple would have called it something else.

Indeed, this article asserts that the changes are in fact just incremental improvements and that other phones have been able to do this for years.  The difference is, of course, that Apple are marketing everything including “Facetime” (cringe) as well and cohesively as they usually do.

However, maybe Apple have done itself a disservice by making such a big deal out of this new upgraded product launch (let’s leave the iPad out of this).  I wonder if long-term Apple risks becoming another Sony, i.e. big brand with mass appeal but no longer attractive to the early adopters who have the ability to give a brand the geek seal of approval which is so important for technology acceptance.

Jobbo’s response to the 4’s particular reception issue (buy a case, don’t hold it there, we miss-calibrated the signal bar indicator, the dog ate it) may eventually chip away at even the Apple fanboy’s faith.

Edit: At the risk of becoming all about the reception woes…

  1. boingster
    July 6, 2010 at 11:17 am
  2. boingster
  3. July 6, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    ….The guy who made it is in trouble… (is this another example of a brand owner wanting to retain too much control over their social networking… or are Best buy handling it sensibly by “investigating” the issue, knowing it will go away sooner rather than later?): http://www.siliconvalley.com/latest-headlines/ci_15429969

  4. boingster
    July 20, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Here is “antennagate” made very clear(?) in a Taiwanese computer animation…

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