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Pick a car, any car (just as long as it’s a Ferrari)

When the guys spotted three Ferrari’s parked the other side of the office we decided to poke our noses in while popping out for lunch at Thai West. So the first thing that struck me as we entered the narrow mews was the whacking great Enzo parked in the middle of the alley… then the F50 just next to it and then the F40 tucked in behind.

They measure the Enzo’s width in “Mercs”

Is it me or is the F50’s engine tiny?

The F40 in the naughty corner for speeding

Luckily for us they were out being valeted so we struck up conversation with the initially rather secretive chap doing the waxing.  I owned up to be being a Ferrari novice and asked what they were and how many there were in the world of each.  He knew his stuff informing us that 399 Enzos, 349 F50s and 1,315 F40s were ever made.  I couldn’t help wondering how many of those were actually in London let alone in the same place.  Then he pointed to the back of the dimly lit garage which the bright sunlight outside had kept hidden from us.  There was a line of five vintage Ferraris of various styles and ages.  “That beige one is the only one in the world” he told us, now relishing his role as imparter of all Ferrari knowledge.  Back at the office the internet was telling me it was a 250GTO, but there were 39 of those made and our friend with almost the best job in the world that afternoon seemed to know his stuff.  Answers on a postcard please.

So who owned what I was now beginning to think was possibly the UK’s largest private Ferrari collection?  The valet couldn’t say, but when we got back to the office we turned sleuths on the internet.  Is wasn’t Chris Evans, Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason or Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien.  We drew a blank until I looked at the pictures…

The DVLA lists S11GAR as a hairdresser’s vanity plate

Alan Sugar? The CEO of Tate & Lyle?  Finally we established it was Sugar, but Daniel, son of Sir Alan.

And the value of the collection?  These three alone would set you back £2million together and Chris Evans just paid £12million for a 250GTO… so depending on what models the other Ferraris actually are, I would guess anywhere between £5million and £20million.  I’m off to rent Gone in 60 Seconds.

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  1. Tony M
    May 15, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    By the way, all these cars are owned by Jon Hunt who founded and sold Foxtons estate agents

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