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Smells like the campaign your campaign could smell like… I’m on a horse

So it started with a shit or bust TV Super Bowl spot selling clichéd men’s grooming products and ended up with one of the best social media campaigns so far this year.

The original spot. Shot by Wieden & Kennedy over 3 days, but really in just one very special take and tiny bit of CG (the diamonds bit).

The second spot shot in down time at the end of the third day.

The ads had a huge response both online and offline.  But things really took off when when the star of the ads, Isaiah Mustafa, started replying to blogs, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube comments with personalised video responses.  Over 180 video shorts were filmed and posted over three days in response questions or comments by punters, celebs and brands.

Blog reply. Another here and the last one here.

The result is over a quarter of a billion views of the various clips (far more views than the original Super Bowl ad), countless memes (language NSFW) and even a voicemail generator.  Apparently Old Spice sales increased by 107% and I bet a there are many people surreptitiously sniffing Old Spice shower gel in the supermarket to see what it’s like.

Of course it’s easy to point to how the success was generated with the benefit of hindsight, but it started with a simple key insight – that guys often make do with whatever is in the shower or whatever their other halves buy for them, i.e. “lady-scented body washes”.  Then a character was developed / cast that appealed to women and men – what’s not to like… Isaiah Mustafa is good looking, funny and was an NFL wide-receiver.  Finally, a reactive social media plan was put in place with the flexibility and autonomy needed to respond to real time.  Yes it required writers, an actor and film crew for 2 days straight, but I bet it cost less than the development of plenty failed online social apps.

Apparently Isaiah has hung his stirrups up and the campaign is over, but I don’t think its the last we’ll see of him.

  1. Neil Chappell
    August 16, 2010 at 10:01 am

    The best ads I’ve seen in a couple of years, and the perfect example of how to “do viral”. As ever, it starts with having a great idea – albeit one that owes more than a little to The Onion’s Smoove B.


    Maybe tha H dog – Herbert Kornfeld – will be the next Onion crossover star. If you haven’t read tha H Dog’s Onion articles, look ’em up…

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