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Too much Chatroulette and you’ll burn in hell

NOTE – language very NSFW.

As a fan of horror movies and viral marketing I thought this was a real corker – hilariously duping and then scaring the crap out of lads hoping to get some random girl to flash for them.

Having checked out Chatroulette at work when it first launched for a couple of minutes and seen enough creepy guys with their tackle out to last us a life-time, I think you need to be immune to that stuff and invest a lot of time before you actually see anything vaguely worth-while such as piano improv or live drawing.

Of course you can check it out in a slightly less in-your-face way via chatroulettemap.com and see who’s online near you (careful as when you click the pins you see a screen shot which may or may not be SFW).

Eli Roth may not produce the best films (I do hear Pirhana 3D’s a scream), although his films certainly break new ground of some sort.  However, I’m willing to bet this little stunt reaches his target audience in their natural habitat.  Maybe it even will reduce the number of willies on Chatroulette…

  1. boingster
    August 24, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Of course this is always fun too…


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