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I’m dreaming of a dark, dark Christmas

Christmas is usually a time for terrible festive movies, but this year will hopefully be a little different.  Cue Rare Exports the movie – surely what will be the darkest movie about Christmas ever (not even Bill Murray’s great 1988 Scrooged comes close).

The “Rare Exports” movie follows on the heels of two popular shorts by the director Jalmari Helander.  Rare Exports Inc (2003) and Rare Exports: Official Safety Instructions (2005), which are actually pretty good in their own right.

It’s great to see a talented shorts team being rewarded with a full-length feature and even better when it can be an expansion on their original concept.  Some of my favourite movies started as shorts including District 9, Saw (the first one only!), Evil Dead and Office Space.

No word on a UK release date yet. UPDATE: It’s showing at the BFI Film Festival 23rd & 26th October – see link in comments – and is on general UK release 3rd December. In the meantime I guess we can worry whether we’re being naughty or nice…

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