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Seeing really is believing…

Sky +…can’t beat that surely? Sky HD…that really is the business. Sky 3d….Quoi!! That must be a load of Victorian shoe repairmen.Marketing hyperbole and all that.

Sacre bleu! Stumbling into London Bridge station last night I chanced upon a live demonstration of Sky’s latest technological development and those clever chaps have done it again. Cartoon chain saws swing over your head, Johnnies Depp’s mad hatter has never been more disconcerting and the Ryder Cup footage made you reach for your mac it was so realistic. You really do feel as though you have joined in the action for real. Extraordinary.

What ever next?

The smell of Jamie Oliver’s next meal wafting out of your TV? Frank Lampard asking you to throw the ball back? A pamplona bull pancake in your living room [ good for the roses mark you]

Ridiculous? Don’t count on it

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