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Don’t you, forget about me…

If you’ve had your TV on at all in the last few weeks, you’ll not forget the chap above.  This is Ian, the latest technician to be used by Autoglass in their TV spots which we write and direct.

When the new “MOT” spot launched with Isi the technician she got a mention on our blog, but Ian missed out when his spot started airing at the beginning of October, so this is an attempt to redress the balance and to highlight the great dissolve from the online booking process to the location shot (top marks to Eddie the Producer for finding that location)!

Ian is a great guy and was lovely to work with.  This was demonstrated by him being a little concerned over the attention this might garner him particularly from Autoglass’ female customers – I think his wife had heard stories about some of the propositions Gavin from Autoglass received in the past…

So here’s the spot:

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