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Costa’s Flat White

Costa Coffee are currently running an ad extolling the virtues of their ‘Flat White’ coffee compared to Starbucks’ Flat White. It’s a straightforward enough piece that suggests that ‘coffee lovers’ prefer the Costa version of the beverage.

I have two problems with this ad: first, it contains a glaring punctuation error (the clue’s in the paragraph above, in case the copywriter/client is reading); secondly, it’s based on a sample of about 160 people. (It might be more, it might be less; but it’s definitely under 200.)

I’m no statistician, but is it robust, data wise, to run an ad based on the opinions of fewer than 200 people? Shouldn’t it be more like 1000? I am tempted to contact Starbucks and tell them that we’d like to write an ad about their VIA instant coffee because Marge and Chris in the office prefer it to Nescafe.

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  1. Marge
    November 4, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    But please note! …only 84 participants were identified as coffee lovers…hmmmm. More info here: http://www.costa.co.uk/coffee/taste_test.aspx

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