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These boots were made for tweeting

I thought the Star Wars special edition clothing and shoes from Adidas were for ubër geeks (although I do rather fancy a Death Star “tennis club” polo shirt), but the new Adidas Facebook or Twitter specials take geekism to a whole new level.Of course these aren’t real, they’re clever self-promotion by designer Gerry Mckay (although the likelihood they will be made seems to be gathering steam on Facebook).  But I think I’d be dropping any real life friends who were so addicted to preoccupied with Facebook or Twitter that they felt the need to demonstrate their obsession by wearing social media inspired fashion.  (I’m no longer friends with Darren Brent since his Twitter branded footy boots.)

While no one can deny Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular, this popularity is little more than service usage and I’m not sure of the levels of brand allegiance behind it.  If there was an alternative to Facebook which immediately had all your friends on it, I’m sure people would be leaving in droves.  I’m not sure Facebook or Twitter have the visual appeal, character or history to influence fashion (yet) like Star Wars.

The really cool thing about the Adidas Originals is the augmented reality that they come with.  So maybe the digital world does have a role to play in the future of fashion?

UPDATE: The ultimate Star Wars geek can also purchase R2D2 and C3PO themed swimwear for their girlfriends (real or not) thanks to Black Mill Clothing

  1. neilchappell
    December 1, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Darren Brent: David’s equally clueless footballing brother.

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