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Guinness FanFinder set for 6 Nations rugby roll-out

Our Guinness FanFinder Facebook app has been up for a couple of months now and is being rolled-out at the 6 Nations in February and March.  So I thought we’d show something of how this ground-breaking application works using November’s Scotland v South Africa game…

Meet at stadium 1.5 hours before KO and set up two units at opposite ends so we can cover the whole of the stadium.

Wait for everyone to be seated and for the smoke from the fireworks to clear (arggghhh!).

Start taking pictures (can be over 200 images for one pass) which requires careful attention because, although the unit is robotic, you still need to ensure the pictures are OK as you go as one duff image can blow the entire pass.

Repeat – and hope the rain / sleet / floodlights don’t ruin the shot (we take up to four images a game to ensure we get a result).

Once back in the office we begin the laborious task of stitching the hundreds of images together to create one massive image file.  Then we retouch the image which may involve anything from blurring attending Royals to colour adjusting (not quick as just opening a 20GB file takes half an hour).

    Finally we tile the image into sections so that you don’t need to download the whole image to view it (just like Google maps) and upload it into our app where you can take a snapshot of yourself at the game and post to your Facebook wall, tag yourself or tag your friends.

    If you haven’t had a play yet – check out FanFinder today – you ve until 21st January to enter the competition…

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