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Baby bowling viral and the rules for successful virals

Having watched more than my fair share of internet virals, a while ago, while writing a social media strategy for a client, I formulated a set of rules for successful virals.  I concluded that viral concepts must tick at least one box… ideally two or more:
1.     Be rude
2.     Be funny
3.     Be unexpected (i.e. have a twist)
4.     Have emotion (i.e. be poignant or cute)
5.     Be remarkable (i.e. appear impossible)
6.     Provide the sharer with an offer which appears too good to be true
7.     Lastly, virals shouldn’t be the TV spot that was too risky to air or that there was no media budget for.

This viral ticks the cute and unexpected boxes while managing to deliver a sensible message about the safety benefits that Maxi-Cosi car seats offer.

Trouble is that despite ticking the boxes, the original non-English version has only 45k views.  Of course, as with the Spainair viral below, the Netherlands are way down the list of internet users so an in-language viral is never going to have massive appeal.

So perhaps it’s time to update / expand the viral rules to include the stipulation that to have the greatest chance of success it must be in English?

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