Marge: Episode II

I ended my first (and pretty much last) post in October with, “…Watch this space…”, and I’m sure you avid Breakfast blog followers out there have been anxiously waiting for the next recap episode of the life of the agency ‘intern’.  My apologies to all.  After a kind reminder from Seb this morning to feed the masses, I’m back to blog…

On top of the challenge to come up with some interesting content, I also needed to make a 3 month recap short and sweet but comprehensive…practically a summary of all my troubles and dislikes about blogging.  Microblogging on the other hand, as you might have guessed, is much more my style (shameless plug, you can follow me here).  Instant, real time gratification and/or catharsis.  Much less time and effort spent than sitting down to compose a long winded spiel on something cool that you saw days or more ago.  Anyway, to each his own.  As a Twitter fan, I sent out a tweet about my blogging troubles, hoping someone would reply with some helpful inspiration in return.  I also started reading through my own tweet stream to jog my memory on my own life.  Then, I stumbled upon (not a social media joke) a little toy called a tweet cloud.  A tweet cloud analyzes your tweets over a specified period of time and spits out the most heavily used words.  I generated a tweet cloud using my tweets from October to December last year, and the output was a shockingly spot on summary of my life over the last 3 months.  See below.

Tweet Cloud for @maryann1385

The largest words really say it all…
–  “BREAKFAST/AGENCY/OFFICE”: Spending the majority of my days here at Breakfast, still happily learning about UK products and services and how an agency works.  The chaps and I have been quite busy, which is great news.  And, we’re happily snuggled here in our new home in Golden Square (37-38 to be precise).  Drop by and see us, if you have a mo.  And, if you’re lucky and ask nicely, Ed might give you the grand tour.
–  “STREET”: Pretty certain this word is popular because my Twitter and Foursquare accounts are linked.  Loving the tips that I can pick up here when I check in places.  If you’re looking for fun Foursquare ‘friends’ (and you’re a chick), I particularly like Vogue and HarrodsofLondon.  Both, in my opinion, are doing great jobs with in this mobile space.
– “FITNESS”: After the holidays, I know we’re all trying to get back on the workout bandwagon.  Pretty certain getting fit is a resolution of 95% of people who make resolutions.  After a week off,  I’m getting back in the habit, following up work with a workout (pretty much all I have time for).  Still trying to get a Breakfast running club going…don’t waste your time watching that space.
– “LONDON”: My Christmas staycation in London gave me some time to do some touristy things that I’ve been wanting to get to.  Spent some time in the National Gallery and the Saatchi Gallery.  Explored Notting Hill a bit more.  Next on my London list…movie at the Electric Theater and the changing of the guard.  Suggestions welcome.  Loving using my TimeOut London iPhone app as my guide!  Honestly, one of my favourite apps.  I’m a pseudo-Brit…words like “chaps” and “cheers” are coming out more naturally.  And, Chris has even taught me the right contexts in which to use “bugger” and “bollocks”.  Not as interchangeable as you would think!  London is really starting to feel like home – dreary weather, tube strikes, and all.
And there you have it.  A bit of an update on me.  A bit of an update on Breakfast.  And, a bit of social media chatter.  Bob’s my uncle.
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