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Unmemorable memory card virals and Samsung’s desire to crack viral

Samsung seem a brand determined to make “viral” work for them.  A while back they produced a video designed to show how indestructible their new memory cards are.

Unfortunately it doesn’t adhere to my seven golden rules of viral which (usually) ensure it gets shared:

– It’s not rude or funny – unlike some of Samsung’s other offerings
– It’s not cute
– It’s not remarkable or surprising in any way – unlike those full court length basketball shots or golf ball hitting a small gong 200 yards across a lake clips – basically anyone could reproduce this with a small budget
– It’s too long – you get the point after 30 seconds
– It’s “fake” – the cuts between takes and the fact the same card isn’t used throughout are clearly visible so it loses some wow factor

Samsung appear to have paid quite a bit to seed the memory card spot via funnyordie, jokeroo and metacafe amongst others, but it didn’t really catch on.

The “Old Masters in 3D” Samsung viral was funny, risqué and mind-blowing, but unbelievably someone at Samsung actually actively stopped people propagating it (wasting considerable budget in the process).  Perhaps it was a little too rude?

It appears that Samsung want to stay in control of all their “virals” which is kind of missing the point.  The whole premise of viral is that you allow people to copy it, re-host it on their own websites / YouTube channels, create memes, create their own versions, talk / write about it, forward it and generally provide you with free media space.

Samsung’s latest memory card viral campaign is a little more interesting:

Only 100 planes is not many compared to thousands of balloons I remember being released at balloon races when I was a kid – I guess we’ll see if any make it back alive…

  1. Neil Chappell
    January 27, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    There’s nothing more embarrassing than a ‘blue-chip’ company paying to seed unfunny virals. I think you’ve nailed the eighth rule of virals in your original post (if you’re going to censor the good ones, don’t commission them in the first place). Maybe the ninth rule should be: if a viral is created and sucks, kill it, and put it down to experience. Don’t try and hoodwink people into thinking its any good; it won’t work.

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