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Dandelion Time, small steps, and the resilience of the human spirit

Further to my blog of March 3rd, it is fair to say that things in many parts of the world have become unimaginably worse than anyone could ever have guessed. While Japan’s beleaguered people are  tragically cornering the market for concentrated calamity, the situation in North Africa and the Middle East suggests that we are not even at the end of the beginning of that period of turmoil. Meanwhile the markets are running for the hills.

It is easy to feel a sense of powerlessness in the face of colossal challenges. Tempting but wrong. The resilience and optimism of the human spirit never cease to surprise in small, but relentless, ways.

To this point, I couldn’t help but raise a smile when confronted by a grinning leprechaun, a talking toadstool and a human ladybird at various points on my trip into work from London Bridge. Comic Relief is nearly upon us and I hear that they are hoping to raise over £80 this year.  A drop in the ocean of need but a start. And a direct and inestimable corollary is the activation of millions to think about what they can do to help worthy causes at home and far away.

One such cause close to our hearts, here at breakfast, is Dandelion Time, a farm based charity who help kids find normality again after desparate experiences in their lives, are part of this zeitgeist. They are on BBC tonight at 7pm in The One Show as we head into Red Nose day proper. They have four invaluable minutes on centre stage to draw focus to a cause that makes a difference to troubled kids lives in Kent and Sussex.Graham and his team have found the Comic Relief spotlight somewhat disconcerting but are hoping that tonight will be an important step in their ability to make a difference.

The breakfast team will be willing them on. Every step of the way.

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