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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – the “Iron Man of documentaries”

The new docu-movie from Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me) which opens in the US next week looks amusing.  He takes a poke at the world of product placement in movies while funding the entire movie itself through product placement by integrating a range of brands into the film.

“Is there a plot” one exec asks, clearly not grasping the movie’s purpose.  Other execs certainly get it and I bet we’ll be left feeling warm to the brands that made the movie happen as we, the audience, get manipulated even while we’re in on the joke.

I’m a fan of Spurlock’s work as he picks serious issues and injects some humour while remaining thought provoking, and this looks a little more light-hearted than most of his endeavours.

Interesting to see if he beats Michael Bay’s 47 brands in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as shown in this rather neat FilmDrunk summary of product placement in movies.

Spurlock: “Where should I be able to go where I don’t see one bit of advertising”
Nader: “To sleep”
Cue inception music!

PS – By rights the trailer should be viewed on Yahoo as they were a sponsor, but I can’t embed Yahoo movies.

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