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I’m sorry – can we do that take again?

Gustavo Hernandez’s La Casa Muda (The Silent House) doesn’t look to be the most original horror movie ever made until you find out it was filmed as one single, uninterrupted shot – completely one-upping the Cloverfield and Blair Witch first-person camera approach.

The reviews are saying that it is well acted, impeccably shot and very atmospheric, containing plenty of jumps – all the more remarkable because it was all done in one take of 78 minutes. (Apparently the DP was, the clearly very patient, Pedro Luque – the guy behind the excellent viral Ataque de Panico! or Panic Attack shot on a budget of $300.)

Unfortunately, the reviews are also saying that there are major plot holes and the main character’s behaviour takes the clichéd horror movie “what’s that noise, I’ll go and investigate” to the extreme, even after she’s discovered her dead Dad when most people would run a mile.

It seems to be scoring 4/5 in most reviews, so I’ll be adding it to my rental list if I don’t get to it in the cinema.

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