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Mummy, Mummy, can I join the dark side… pleeeeease

It is my destiny not to go to Disneyland.  When the most interesting thing is a LARP (live action role play) for kids that, in this case, goes hilariously off script, I think little Tristan can go with his Mummy or grand parents.  Got to love the way she kneels in front of Vadar – just like the real thing – I can imagine a mixture of pride and embarrassment for her geeky parents.

Here’s how the Jedi Training Academy live action show at Disneyland is supposed to play out.  Here’s what I think about anytime Disneyland is mentioned…

  • Queues to get in
  • Overpriced junk food and not being allowed to bring in even your own water
  • Queues for rides
  • Added extras such as shuttle buses, parking, mandatory lockers, additional fee rides and photos
  • Queues for the loos
  • Queue jumping and the resulting stroppiness from everyone

And here is a cute youngling kicking some arse, which goes about 2% of the way to convincing me to take T at somepoint…

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