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A Marge Milestone.

They say, “time flies when you’re having fun”.  And, depending on your definition of fun, time has certainly been flying here at Breakfast. I’ve officially survived the agency life for an entire rugby season!  My first official full day of work was at last year’s London Double Header, the league’s season opener.  And now, amidst other things, we’re busy here preparing for the final match this weekend (Leicester v. Saracens – I’m not sure what this means or what implications it will bring, but I’m going for the “Sarries”.). Really, where does the time go?

We’ve been working incredibly hard launching brands…writing jingles…and of course, Scrumbling, so I’m very pleased that we’re taking time out as a team to have a bit of fun.  We’re hosting a bit of a “tailgate” (pff, these British people think they know what a tailgate is…ha!) for our agency chums before we attend the match together.  Bound to be a cracking day, and I’m really look forward!  Afterall, no digital agency can do without a little bit of social…(yes, I went there).

Anyway, just a quick note from me to check in…hopefully, I’ll be back with an image or two of all the fun we had.  As always, watch this space.

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  1. May 24, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    we are looking to you to show us how to “tailgate in style”. The last one I went to was as a student at Georgetown when the Redskins were a force to be reckoned with…yes, it was a long time ago. A Mr John ‘Diesel’ Riggins came and joined us after the game..woo hoo!

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