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AutoRestore? Never heard of ’em…

If you’re in and around the north west of England in the next few weeks, turn on your radio and aside from stories of Ryan Giggs’ latest misdemeanours you’ll be almost certain to hear our new campaign for AutoRestore. It’s rare for a brand to launch its inaugural consumer campaign on radio, but as websites become a repository for further information and reassurance, radio is increasingly likely to be used by new brands looking to create awareness and with a story to tell.

And AutoRestore certainly have a story. Like any conscientious creative, I thought I had better test their service out before I agreed to write their ads (more of a problem when Bodyform was a client, admittedly), so I sent my wife out in the car.

Only joking…a careless driver sideswiped her in the supermarket car park. Thankfully, when it came to repairing the scratches (which spanned three panels of the car) and dents (two, small, annoying), I knew just the people to call. One phone conversation later, and I had a confirmed appointment with an AutoRestore repair technician.

After several confirmation calls and texts, Chris from AutoRestore arrived on my driveway promptly on a Monday morning and got to work. The job was a little bigger than we had thought – I hadn’t spotted the dents and the scratched paint was on more panels than I had stated  – but Chris got on with the job and a few hours later left me with a car that looked as good as new. Apart from inside, because not many car manufacturers include dog hair, paw prints and a lingering dank scent as standard.

Here’s the van on my driveway:

That canopy you can see is the ingenious mobile repair rig that enables AutoRestore to carry out their repairs at your home or workplace, meaning no more courtesy cars and days with your motor stuck in a bodyshop.

In research, many consumers loved the sound of the AutoRestore service but thought it was too good to be true. I can testify that an AutoRestore repair is every bit as good as I have said it will be in our radio ad.



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