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Cute Star Wars ad episode III

It seems you can’t keep a good ad down.  Back in April I wrote about the promo for the new Thor movie ripping off the Star Wars themed VW ad.

Now Greenpeace have jumped in on the Star Wars and cute kid mash-up action, but to deliberately attack VW who are opposing new EU CO2 emission targets and claiming to be greener than they really are in comparison to others like BMW and Toyota.

They even bribe you to join the cause by offering a part II movie (or should that be part IV?).  That’s here BTW if you drive a VW and don’t want to sign the rebel manifesto.

The new Adidas Hoth originals shows Star Wars continues to be as strong as ever influencer of popular culture.  Of course the 80’s themed party I went to at the weekend had a couple in Jabba costume (inflatable) and slave Princess Leia (skimpy) – and they weren’t even Star Wars geeks fans.

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