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viral videos with benefits

Mila Kunis asked to the Marine Corps Ball:

Mila Kunis accepts offer:

JT asked to the Marine Corps Ball:

JT accepts offer:

It was either bad luck or poor planning on the movie execs’ parts that the movie Friends with Benefits came out six months after the movie No Strings Attached as it just isn’t possible to produce a movie in that time.

Surprisingly for the predictable / inane / nauseating NSA it was a success, but given men are unlikely to repeat their mistake and accompany their other halves to a carbon-copy movie, the FWB marketing folks had their work cut out.  First they spread the obligatory JT/MK dating rumors, then JT and MK fueled the fire by denying the rumours at the MTV music awards while he grabbed her boobs and she grabbed his junk at the MTV Movie Awards.

Then the marketing folks got creative and while the original invite to MK might have been genuine, I’m willing to bet the second invite to JT a set up.  Something about everything happening at FWB interviews / press days and the posting of the videos by the FWB YouTube channel.   Anyway, despite the likely awfulness of the FWB movie the marketing has to be applauded as smart and original.

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