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Google pulls combo special move on Facebook

Traditionally the financial value of a Facebook page, likes and comments for a brand was rather difficult to prove unless you managed to make or track a sale which originated from some form of Facebook-based behaviour.  However, what if social media presence actually increased your Google ranking for which there is clearly a measurable value?

This article by Danny Sullivan over at Searchengineland indicates that brands can rank better in Google by getting people to add them to their Google+ Circles.

This clearly could have massive implications for how brands treat social media within marketing budgets.  Although until brands are officially allowed into Google+ in anything but a testing capacity and Google formalise their policy, it may be premature to start diverting SEO budget to social media.  (Many brands are already spending unnecessarily on social media, but that’s another debate.)   It could also further blur the lines between what SEO and social media agencies do – no doubt hybrid agencies with suitably fancy buzzwords will spring up to fill the hype-space.

Either way it’s a reason for Facebook to continue their move into search… The question is – is it easier to break into search as a social media destination or to break into social media as a search destination?  I guess Google and Facebook will continue to trade blows and unleash new combos, but it’s early days yet to say whether it’s a case of Mortal Kombat as they’ve both carved out pretty large areas for themselves.

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