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YouTube get into gaming… 25 years too late

So the other day I was waiting for a YouTube video to start and happened to press the up key, and the little whizzy thing in the middle of the screen moved.  Like a rhesus monkey discovering that pressing a button delivers food I’d soon worked out that the arrow keys turned the whizzy thing into the classic Snake game from the BBC Micro.

Turns out I’m only a year late in discovering this little Easter Egg.

It’s temperamental – instructions to pause, hold the left and up arrows at the same time don’t always work – so the best option is to find an internet connection slow enough to give you the loading whizzy thing, which is tricky these days.  And it doesn’t work on embedded YouTube videos so you’ll have to find a suitable video to watch.  I suggest this one from another game already established as a classic after only 5 years…

The actual user experience:

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