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What your car ad says about you

Amid the people movers, 4x4s and gleaming saloons in my corner of middle England, the past three years have seen Audi accelerate past BMW and Mercedes to become the luxury German motor of choice. In the town’s poshest car parks, the evidence is everywhere – that’s if you’re tall enough to see over the Range Rovers that remain established as the global warming sceptics’ ‘fuck you’ carriage of moral abdication.

Nice cars, Audis. Stylish, sporty, and, unlike Beemers, decoupled from the notion that you have to be a keen onanist to drive one. But that doesn’t entirely explain why they have knocked Deutschland’s other uber-brands off their nymph draped pedestal. However, I think I can explain this. Examine, if you will, exhibit A…

The comments at the bottom make interesting reading, non?

And, if you can bear it, here’s exhibit B.

Did you make it to the end? You deserve a medal. Or a lobotomy.

Here’s exhibit C:

If anyone out there, with the possible exception of Piers Morgan and Fred Goodwin, feels that they would rather be associated with the car represented by exhibits A and B rather than C, please let me know. I would genuinely like to meet you, for scientific purposes.






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