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New Samsung TV ad

I earn my living as an ‘advertising creative’, ergo I have an iPhone and a MacBook.  So far, so predictable. Dog chases deer, etc.

However, I fall some way short of ‘fanboy’ status (the condescending name foisted on Apple enthusiasts by those who choose to buy inferior brands. And notice I say ‘brands’ not ‘products’.)

I have no idea whether Samsung’s new phone/ tablet hybrid is better than an iPhone. Paul Brown, our technology partner, recently became the first person in the UK to own one and he’s an Apple fanboy, so I’m guessing it must be pretty good. And what’s more, I don’t care. I buy Apple products for two reasons: first, because almost every PC, Nokia, Blackberry etc. I have ever owned has made me tear my hair out in frustration, with the net result that I am now bald and boast a loft full of obsolete hardware, whereas Apple products have never let me down.

Secondly, I feel some loyalty to the Apple brand. Partly through Apple’s commitment to beautiful product design and stylish marketing and partly because every other technology brand produces marketing so irredeemably naff that I’d rather be seen in public reading the Daily Mail than holding a Blackberry*.

In short, I am not partisan enough to take this funny Samsung viral personally.

Samsung are running this ad on TV during Thanksgiving in the US. Rather than inflicting stuff like this on the innocent viewing public, they now feel confident enough about their product – and brand – to overtly target the sort of person who will willingly shell out over £500 on a phone.

I’ve been waiting a long time for a tech brand to summon up the cojones to really take on Apple with its marketing, and this is the best effort I’ve seen. Now, the challenge is to produce positive marketing that nails its target audience this expertly. I’ll be watching…

*That was a huge exaggeration. I’d rather be seen wearing an Arsenal shirt than reading the Daily Mail.

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  1. Ed Will
    November 23, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    …wear that Arsenal shirt with pride!

  2. Anonymous
    November 27, 2011 at 4:15 am

    In short, partisan would be reacting badly to the term “Apple fanboy” wouldn’t it?

    You can split “Apple fanboys” into two camps – those who understand technology, can also use PCs/Nokias/Blackberrys to their full extent, embrace the differences and love Apple and other products for all their positive qualities, and those who feel superior because they spent three times more on a piece of beautiful and simple kit they will never use to its full extent.

    But you’re right that brands should really only use “positive” marketing if they want to sell their product… “Hello I’m a Mac; and I’m a PC”. No wait, I meant that only non-Apple brands have to use positive marketing.

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