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An 8 bit map

I’ve believe that in 20 years we’ll be woken up by our Google alarm clocks which check our schedules and health while we sleep, get into our Google shower which adjusts the temperature and pressure based on our mood, dress in our Google auto-tailoring and connected clothes and sit down to our Google cornflakes modified to our individual nutritional needs reading/listening to our Google holographic ‘life updater’… all before we think about using something as old school as Google maps to get anywhere.

I think most April Fools stunts are lame, but Google – the future world dominator – appears to be able to do 01.04 gags as successfully as they do everything else.

This one takes a step back 20 years to show really how far Google have come (that’s my Google – even turning an April Fools stunt into a subtle marketing message).

The “quest” function is still live on Google Maps as of today, but I don’t expect it will be up for long so grabbed a picture.


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