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A brand getting it right on Twitter

The end of the football season was quite exciting, wasn’t it? Especially if you were a fan of Bishop’s Stortford Athletic Under 12s, who captured the runners-up spot in Royston Crow League’s notoriously hard-to-get-out-of second tier in their final game and achieved promotion to the top division. But I digress…

It was certainly a good weekend for one football fan, who scored with a 16,331/1 25 bet multiple, to a £2 stake. The reason I was aware of this heartwarming act of odds-on favourite backing coming good was that I follow @betfairsports on Twitter, and have done all season.

I am not a Betfair punter (of which more later), but I saw a couple of retweets and began to follow them, and they are the most impressive brand I follow on Twitter. It helps that they Tweet about content-rich subjects such as sport rather than, say, a skincare product or detergent. But if it was that easy duck, as my old Creative Director used to say, everyone would be doing it.

Betfair’s social media team strike a great balance between passing on the best comments from their followers, relevant news about their own markets and general tidbits of interest, while keeping blatant self-promotion to a minimum. And it’s all done with a consistent tone of voice that never patronises or lapses into LOL-speak. This approach, in tandem with their latest TV ads which focus solely on the value they offer punters, strikes me as a well-conceived strategy; horses for courses, you might say.

Betfair have been through some well-publicised boardroom issues, and questions have been asked about how much further they can grow, but if the rest of the business is as well run as their Twitter feed, they’ll be doing ok.

As a result of this joined-up and admirable marketing activity, I shall be setting up a Betfair account soon. Follow them on Twitter for news of my first 16,331/1 multiple.

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