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Legal, decent, honest and truthful

Okay, so none of us (and by us, I mean advertising creative folk) can spend too long on the moral high ground without running out of oxygen. But for heaven’s sake, VW/ DDB, are you having a laugh?

If you were vaguely aware of the music of Beach House, you could be forgiven for thinking that they had recorded a new track for VW’s new Polo commercial. They haven’t. When they refused to permit the not-as-principled-as-you-might-like-to-think German carmaker to use their track Take Care in the not-up-to-scratch spot, VW blatantly ripped it off.

What were you thinking of, guys? We admen have a reputation to protect, you know. Rip off what you like, but at least have the good grace to admit it.


Here’s the ad:

Some musical inspiration:

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