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Credit where it’s due

I have been a little rude about some of VW’s UK marketing recently – mainly because it’s been rubbish. So credit where it’s due: I love the new spots featuring offers on new VW models.
I should imagine the ads are fairly polarising (I thought that before I saw the comments below) but I love them, as their pacing and direction are at odds with all the other crash bang wallop marketing around at the moment (note to self – and clients – different is good).  And I have always been a sucker for a good PBTR…
Anyway, you can make your own minds up; here are the spots. The first one captivated me when I saw it in a break. Whether it would have done the same if I had been sent it in a link I don’t know, but it’s got genuine cut through, despite having no action and not much dialogue.

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