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Bodyform viral magic

I remember the fuss when they started showing panty liner absorption demonstrations in TV ads using blue-dyed water – fuss probably generated by hysterical journos at the Daily Male Mail.  It marked the end of ads made up entirely of shots with active women enjoying their periods while cart-wheeling and skydiving.  (Apparently roller-blading girls was never Bodyform, that was a Tampax thing, according to Neil our Creative Director who was responsible for some of the “WHOOOHAH BODYFORM” ads.)

Anyway, some poor chap called Richard Neill decided to take Bodyform to task with a witty rant about their unique style of advertising on their Facebook page.  Let’s just suspend disbelief that he’s a fake profile set up specifically for this or someone paid to post and just enjoy how things turned out.  (BTW Richard you probably want to make your profile private.)

His post:

Their response:

The video:

Of course now we have gratuitous shots of women flashing their knickers so we are clear that Tena Lights incontinence panty liners don’t make it look like you’re carrying an extra Y chromosome should some guy deliberately drop papers on the floor so he can try to sneak a look up your skirt.

Tena ad:

But how do we make the momentous leap of turning the blue water into blood?  Panty liners being used as wound dressings in the battlefield with a “Be all you can be… join the Bodyform army” line.

UPDATE: Turns out this was on page 3 of this morning’s Metro, so it’s not really new news to many people with nothing else to do on the morning’s commute.

  1. neilchappell
    October 17, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Bodyform’s response is absolutely brilliant; dripping with contempt for him and his post. The most troubling part is that 87k people ‘liked’ his inane, unoriginal and poorly written comment. By the way, did you know a scrunched up Bodyform makes the ideal stuffing for an agency cricket ball?

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