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Stephen Merchant’s backtrack on Twitter


Saw this amusing Twitter coincidence doing the rounds, and decided to take two minutes to check the facts before posting.  The optimist in me wanted @Jimmydan’s tweet to have happened first, but it was three minutes after @StephenMerchant’s tweet, so the cynic in me says it was a lucky joke from a fan – who has time to Tweet in the middle of a shift at Starbucks anyway?

Still, while looking into it I spotted a rather interesting turnaround on the use of Twitter by Stephen Merchant.  As the below shows, in May 2011 Stephen was adamant on his blog he’d never be on Twitter, but clearly something changed his mind – maybe his publicist said it was a good idea.  Quarter of a million followers later he’s probably glad – or maybe he would be if he had 4 million like his mate @rickygervais, who incidentally said he’d be leaving Twitter September last year… strangely at the time he launched his Justsayin app which was supposed to be an audio version of Twitter.


  1. Anonymous
    February 4, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    Steve gave me a lift back from a party once. He was learning the guitar. Not when he was driving though. It was too nice a car to risk that.

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