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The times, they are a…goin’ into administration


If, like me, you periodically spend an afternoon attempting to clear out your wardrobe, you’ll be familiar with the temptation to hang on to articles of clothing that you haven’t worn for anything up to three years. “I’ll wear this one day,” you think, only to find the same garment six months later; still unworn, smelling even mustier and probably riddled with moth holes.

That’s how I feel about the current spate of high street retail closures. I am possibly one of HMV’s most loyal customers, historically, but a) they wouldn’t know that, because they never made any attempt to keep tabs on me; and b) I have been in the store probably twice over the past two years. I used to visit twice a week.

Similarly with Blockbuster: I used to be a regular. Used to be, as in fifteen years ago. Admittedly I don’t watch many movies, but still…I’m a pretty lapsed customer by anyone’s standards.

There’s a tangible sadness in witnessing these once-loved stores hit the wall, especially for the staff who are losing their jobs. But still, it’s hard not to think that as a nation, we’re finally getting round to chucking out those baggy combat pants and boot-cut jeans.

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