Brand values


Ok, so I have an opinion on ‘Brand Values’. Many of our clients will be familiar with my opinion. I won’t go into it fully here – you’ll have to become a client to receive that service – but here’s some food for thought.

By ‘Brand Values’, I am referring specifically to the list of adjectives – usually five in number – that brand guardians, be they the CEO, marketing chief, or agency, select to represent what they call their values.

Here is a classic of the genre from the Guardian.

That’s thrown down the gauntlet to Barclays’ employees, hasn’t it? I can just imagine those who were responsible for rigging the Libor, playing poker with the nation’s wealth, taking ridiculous liberties with their expense accounts and working on ever more devious tax avoidance schemes firing off an email saying “That’s it: I point-blank refuse to align myself with the word ‘respect’. Fire me if you want.”

Or how about this…”What values do you think you will bring to the job, Mr Chappell?”


UPDATE: Breakfast’s brand values announced: Disrespect, lack of integrity, indolence, sarcasm and pedantry.

UPDATE 2: Indolence too obscure. Replaced by ‘Passion’.

  1. boingster
    January 17, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    we’re passionate about passionate work for our passionate client brands

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