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My favourite ads of the moment

I popped on to YouTube to watch this:



Before it, I was served an ad. As my colleague Boingster pointed out, it’s somewhat odd that YouTube forces you to watch an ad before you are able to use their service to watch an ad, but there you are. Anyway, mild irony aside, this (or its cut-down) was served to me. I’m so glad it was:



Meanwhile, back to an old topic…VW, and the mess they’re making of their advertising heritage. Here’s their new Golf spot. The wit, intelligence, insightful strategy and quirky, unique tone of voice that have characterised VW’s advertising over the past 40 years are…well, I don’t know where they’ve gone but they’re not here.



Remember kids, this is just a better spec-ed Skoda. Without the VW cachet (created, in part, by brilliant advertising), this car isn’t worth the huge premium you’re paying for the badge. That premium used to be justified by the image created by the….I suspect you have got the point by now.

PS. Check the comments. The musician admits in a public forum to lifting a Style Council melody for the theme. Still, I’m sure Paul Weller’s people aren’t at all litigious…

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