Online revenge


Have you been watching Charlie Brooker’s brilliant but disturbing Black Mirror series? No? You should have been. There’s one episode left of this series – the others are still online – and I can highly recommend them.

Charlie uses the series to posit some beguiling possibilities for the development of social media and the internet, and to dramatise the impact it might have on our lives. Some of his seemingly more outlandish suggestions are already being brought to life (excuse the play on words) …, anyone?

And only the other day, I heard an employer confess that they spent ages researching potential employees on Facebook before they arrived for an interview. Not sure that’s entirely ethical, but it’s hardly surprising.

Every week seems to bring another example of social media’s power, from the stunning YouTube footage of the Russian meteor to Rupert Murdoch’s recent revelation that Page 3 might not, after all, be long for the pages of the Sun.

However, closer to home, we Breakfast-ites were amused by this story:

We’re used to seeing companies get called on poor customer service on Twitter and Facebook, but actually using the company’s own website to slag them off for non-payment is taking things one step further. I’ve always loved a good revenge fantasy (remember Michael Douglas’ D-Fens in Falling Down?) and you can imagine the rush the designer got when he put this live…

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