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Here at Breakfast, we have never been great self-publicists. From a creative point of view, it’s fairly universal knowledge that awards are, at best, an expensive exercise in vanity, and at worst, a stitch up.

However, recognition from peers, industry bodies or the media (or anyone else for that matter) is always good for the ego, so we were delighted to receive a tweet from Olivier Legrand, our Cotes du Rhone client, telling his followers that he (and we) had won the Best Trade Campaign award at the Drinks Business Awards during the International Wine Fair in London.

Drinks advertising remains one of the most glamorous and creatively fertile areas of advertising and marketing, so for our work to be recognised and garlanded means we must have beaten some fairly high profile competitors.

Since the announcement, nothing has changed. We weren’t present at the awards, we haven’t had time to celebrate, and we have yet to receive any trinket, certificate or memento validating our achievement. The Lear jet hasn’t been ordered, the only bubbly we have seen is the out of date bottle of apple juice in the fridge and no one has called to offer us a shiny new piece of business. But somewhere in the south of France, we have been toasted by our client for the excellence of a campaign that has combined outstanding creativity with high levels of awareness and a significant impact on sales. Win win, as the saying goes.



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  1. Karina Jaya-Ratnam
    May 28, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Well done Chaps. Always nice to get recognised for good work…

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