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Ten stone testicles and a visit to A&E

NHS-111-LOGO-FINAL-CMYK-BLK_250x400If you were one of those people fortunate enough not to catch an unwitting glimpse of the poor soul whose swollen right bollock provided sufficient material for a C4 documentary on Monday night, you got off lightly. It certainly stimulated lively discussion in the office yesterday. I was eating my dinner as the programme aired and pleaded for the channel to be changed, as the image of someone actually transporting their gonads around in a wheelbarrow – as presciently described by Viz comic 20 years ago – is the stuff of indigestion, if not actual nightmares.

The 10-stone testicle was trending on Twitter all day yesterday and led to a couple of obscene and hilarious Facebook posts. How we laughed. Apparently the chap in question didn’t go to hospital to begin with as he assumed the swelling would eventually go down, rather than continue growing until it looked like a tan Eric Pickles with five days’ threadbare stubble.

His stoicism contrasts with a report in one of today’s newspapers describing some of the ailments which have prompted some people to hotfoot it to their local A&E department. One lady arrived at the hospital, in an ambulance, asking for a pregnancy test, while another had a swelling under her false nail. It’s easy to huff and get all Geoffrey Palmer about it, but the broader question is how we go about informing some of the less enlightened members of the populace that it’s not acceptable to treat A&E as a “treatment on demand” version of their GP surgery.

The present government have not spared the COI from their austerity programme – indeed it was an early victim – but there’s a lot to be said for reintroducing some basic public information messaging as our nation gets progressively more stupid (or demanding). It will save us money in the long term.

If advertising plays a part in making us shallower, more acquisitive and dissatisfied with our lot – and it does – then we must recognise that it can also help to fill in the gaps in our collective awareness of how society has to operate if we are to continue providing things like free healthcare at the point of delivery. Another story that captured the headlines last week was that of the chap who called 999 to report a prostitute for being too ugly. Only by informing and educating people about the cost to us all of such selfish behaviour will we be able to stop these services being privatised.

While you think about that, watch this. Mind you, once you’ve read the title, you’ve seen the show, in a nutshell…


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  1. boingster
    July 3, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Here are some brilliant ads which go a long way to educating people – VW back on form Neil?

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