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Careless copy

Anyone can make mistakes. When you’re making them on a client’s behalf, it’s especially uncomfortable, which is why I am such a fan of pedantry in all its guises (see previous blog posts). However, there are times when advertisers let things slip through that aren’t errors as much as… I don’t know how I’d describe this example.

Last week I saw an ad for Tesco pork that featured (unsurprisingly) a large picture of some roasted pork loin with a headline referring to the price, along with the subhead ‘Veggies for £1’.

Veggies? Tesco sell veggies? They have an aisle stocked with Morrissey lookalikes and Tofu eaters?

I assume this was an attempt to try and be down with the working man, copy wise. Except I have never heard anyone describe the foodstuffs accompanying their Sunday roast as veggies. You can’t just appropriate one familiar slang term to mean something different. What next; will Tesco direct us to the poultry aisle to pick up some chicks?

If I’m wrong, and the rest of the world has been aware of this double-meaning for ages, please let me know. Ta.



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