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Latest Breakfast news

Like Malaysian aircraft, blog posts have been difficult to pin down recently but here’s one. Let’s hope that’s a positive omen.

We’ve recently been busy on a number of fronts, with a couple of fascinating branding projects on the go and some intriguing and exciting advertising campaigns in the pipeline. The creative department has never been more populous (or had more hair).

Fittingly, as spring pokes its sunny head out from behind winter’s huge omnipresent rain cloud, a pair of lovely ideas have actually hatched. First off the blocks was this film for our long-term friends at AutoRestore. Eventually it will reside on their brand new website, but for now it’s available exclusively here on our blog. Kudos goes to our chums at Freshly Made Films for the animation.



Next up was this self-produced film for Allied Healthcare; the first of what should be many pieces of creative output this year. You may recognise the least accomplished performer in this film from elsewhere. As for the most accomplished actors, they a) weren’t actors, but genuine Allied customers, and b) are 93 and 91 years-old respectively.



This was a project that was gratifying for a number of reasons; selfishly because the end product received a standing ovation at the Allied Healthcare conference two days after it was completed, but mainly because we were able to spend time with the lovely ladies featured in the film, and listen to their eloquent and heartfelt vindication of our client’s service.

There’s no getting away from the fact that advertising and marketing can feel awfully inconsequential and peripheral in the greater scheme of things, but every so often it’s good to be reminded that our job can – albeit indirectly – have a positive impact on people’s lives. If our work for Allied encourages more elderly people to stay in their own homes for longer, and improves the status of the remarkable care workers who provide such astonishing levels of reassurance and companionship, then we will have something positive to show for our efforts.

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