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What if Richard Scudamore had been racist rather than sexist?

Don’t know or care? Read this:


Now substitute any racist epithet or phrase for “gash” and “off your shaft”, and imagine how long this weaselly-looking lapdog for the Premier League’s monied owner class would survive if he’d used the “n” word in his emails, private correspondence or not.

If I may be permitted some generalisations of my own, Richard Scudamore is almost certainly one of those nerdish types who didn’t manage to speak to a member of the opposite sex to whom he was not related until his early twenties. Or thirties. In my experience, men who use this sort of language do so because they have never quite managed to find enough self-respect to address women as equals (see Richard Keys).

It’s entirely appropriate that the FA and Premier League – and the national press –  should mock Sepp Blatter for his pathetic failure to act against racism in football, and entirely predictable that they should more or less ignore the equally shocking behaviour of the simpering Scudamore.

He should resign. If he doesn’t, I’ll write another blog piece where I don’t mince my words.

Marina Hyde vaguely disagrees with me here. But not that much.



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