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Pre-branding, or the earlier you get cracking, the better

Ask any exponent of marketing about their recurring professional regrets and, much like the teacher struggling to modify the behaviour of a recalcitrant pupil, they will express frustration that they weren’t involved in the development process earlier.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive branding – or certainly communication – briefs long after the nascent product or service has been named, articulated (in some sense or other) and usually fully fleshed out. And that’s regrettable.

Over the last few years, we’ve discovered that much of the value we can add to a business can be added before the product or service is fully realised. I am reminded of my first creative director, who was fond of pointing out that a journey towards Calais from Dover that set sail a single degree off course was likely to end up in San Sebastian. Having looked at a map I now know he was talking complete rubbish, but the point is well made.

Breakfast’s accumulated wisdom across a variety of sectors and disciplines makes us well placed to supply valuable strategic insight at an early stage. We know this because we have provided such wisdom for a few recent clients, most of whom are fronting start-ups or other new business ideas.

Our input has provided some welcome external perspective that is regularly being included in everything from funding proposals to tenders for business. We’ve decided to call this ‘pre-branding’, because that’s the easiest shorthand we can come up with to describe the stage at which we’d like to get involved; shortly after the glint in the eye has appeared but well before the unruly bugger is sitting at the back of the classroom chatting on Whatsapp instead of paying attention.

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